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Remove your top hat and cancel the fox hunt, let’s talk wine. That’s basically what is about. A hub of wine knowledge, reviews, and magic run by a group of wine lovers with no pretension nor hints of snobbery.

Elin drinks wine!

We. Love. Wine.

In all its forms and the goal is to try most of what’s out there. Here you’ll find short reviews, lengthier articles touching on something specific, a recommendation, and perhaps a video or two. If you have a question, our goal is that you’ll find your answer with us.. 

How does it work?

So that’s the cool part. You can sort your way thru the bottles here depending on preference. Maybe you’re a strict connoisseur of the Old World, perhaps Italian wines, well, sort it out. Or maybe you’re only interested in Bubbles & Fizz or Natural wine and want to know how to choose the bottle for you – we’ve got your back. Don’t waste your money on wine that’s not your cuppa, let us waste our money instead, it’s better that way.
But there’s more. As you might’ve noticed there’s a lot of lingo, concepts, and other stuff regarding wine that’s out of most people’s pay grade, that’s all here too. 

At you can find all the wine, and all things regarding wine. 

And food!

Food without wine is like football without a ball, just a bunch of people running around, aimlessly. We’ll be talking about some cool pairings, and basic guidelines when it comes to matching drink and food and inspire with a bunch of nice ideas. But hey, if you prefer a crispy Riesling with your steak, we’re not here to judge. But maybe to suggest an alternative?

More wine!