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Johanna Klingfors

Johanna Klingfors

Founder & managing editor

The love of wine was always there; over the past years, the love grew into an obsession. I must learn all of it, and taste it all, too. During those first stumbling steps of trying to find out everything there is to know, to figure out what the

big names in wine were talking about I found it a bit, um, not the most inviting. And that’s how was born! A safe space, a hub, where you can find the answers needed to spot your perfect bottle, to learn about wine, pairings, concepts, well you name it. 

Who am I?

Originally a musician, digital content- and, web design-improvisor. Based in Stockholm, holding a WSET3 certification from WSET School of London, and lover of wine, food, and creativity. Oh and also the founder and managing editor of

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